Teacher Raffle

2019 Raffle Winners! Congratulations and thank you for supporting the PTO!


KN     1 Riding lesson with Mrs. Nichols at Sea Star Stable!Audrey Closson

SD     Lunch with Mrs. Dawson!Arianna Kaufman

SF1     Invite to the Q & U wedding in Ms. Finniss’ class! (2 winners)Londyn James & Penelope Peterson

SF2    Lunch in Ms. Finniss’ classroom! (2 winners)Suzie Koff & Emily Fieldsend

SF3    Pony time at Ms. Finniss’ barn!Evalynne Kirk

AM     Lunch with Mrs. Myers!Samuel Nields

ST      Lunch with Mrs. Taber! (2 winners)Cailin DeWitt & Thomas DeSoye

JB      Pizza lunch for you & one friend with Mrs. Buinicky!Zoe Armstrong

1st Grade

EY     Lunch or make a craft with Mrs. York!Elizabeth Golden

JD     Lunch or craft with Mrs. Deshon!Emily Castonguay

KF1    Lunch with Mrs. Fisher! (2 winners..1st graders only)Josie Mirra & Corinne Zigmont

KF2   Read to Mrs. Fisher’s class!Megan Ekey

AH    Lunch with Mrs. Hebert!Lily Beal

2nd Grade

NBE     Lunch & Play a board game with Mrs. Bell!Cole Streleckis

MBR    Lunch with Mrs. Brown!Brooks Cosgrove

JW      Pizza lunch for you & one friend with Mrs. Welch!Charlotte Pitcher

LP        Ice cream date with Mrs. Peters at Stillwells!Cameron Hager

NBA    Pizza lunch for you & one friend with Mrs. Baillargeon! (2 winners)Andrew Grubb & Parker Conlan

MSS Admin. & Specials Staff

BC1    Lunch with Mrs. Cadorette! (3 winners)Adele Schander, Callie Roepke & Ella Smalley

BC2   Your birthday on the MSS marquee! (2 winners)Logan Martin & Jane Garrity

ED      Lunch & comic books with Mrs. Darby!Hayes Gregoire

KM     Recess games with Mrs. Mac for you & one friend!Skylar Obey

SA1     Principal for the day! (one boy & one girl winner)James Matson & Slone Hanson

SA2   Chess and Pizza with Mr. Adler!Holden King-Farlstein

KP1     Lunch and a board game for you & 2 friends with Mrs. Putney!Aria Donovan

KP2   Choose 10 gently used books to bring home!Madison Stevens

MBI    Art lesson with Mrs. Bird before or after school!Wheeler Sawyer-Lemeris

3rd Grade

AC     Pizza lunch for you & one friend with Mrs. Chisholm!Elizabeth Hutchin

SD3    Pizza party in room 205 for you & two friends! Riley Benevides

KG     Order out lunch with Mrs. Gaudreau! (2 winners, each may bring 1 friend)Rohan Godse & Chase Jumper

TP      Dance party & snack with Mrs. Dagostino & Mrs. Poulin!Charlie Evans

JH      Pizza lunch for you & 2 friends with Mrs. Harrington!Gracyn Thibodeau

AK     Play basketball before school with Mr. Keller! (2 winners)Katie Castonguay & Jacob Houde

MA    Dance party with Mrs. Andriski! (3 winners)Avery Cabral, AJ C. & Gretel Kumph

4th Grade

KS1    Gift certificate to Water Street Bookstore from Mr. Schmitt!Jackson Tooker

KS2   Gift certificate to George and Phillips from Mr. Schmitt!Emmy Herring    

LL       Lunch from Lexie’s for you & 2 friends!Abby Dion

SN     30 minute dance/music session with Mrs. Newman for you & a friend!Frankie Peacock

SV     Scholastic book order worth $40 from Mrs. Varrin!John Pikul

JR     Pizza lunch and special dessert with Mrs. Roeder!Austin Williams

HE    Breakfast for you & one friend with Mrs. Estle! (must be at school by 8:10am)Lucy Toomey

CS    Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan box set from Mrs. Smith!Owen Cosgrove

ZP    Bagels and hot chocolate with Ms. Poly! (2 winners)Amalia Gloss & Alexia Gurshin

5th Grade

AS    A weekend morning meet up at D2 Java & a trip to Water Street Bookstore

        w/ Ms. Steinberg!Evan Amey

SB5  Pizza party with Mrs. Blumenthal & Mrs. Shaheen for you & a friend!

        (5th grade only, 4 winners)Jaylah Pereira, Jack Thibodeau, David Njoku & Orrin Edwards     

CP    Batch of peanut butter cookies or mint brownies from Ms. Patrie!,

        (winners choice, 2 winners)Logan Franck & Lilija Perry

LSS Admin. & Specials Staff

DB3   Play a sport/game with Mr. Bairstow for you & 5 friends! (3rd grade only)Ben Riccio

DB4   Play a sport/game with Mr. Bairstow for you & 5 friends! (4th grade only)Joshua Smith

DB5   Play a sport/game with Mr. Bairstow for you & 5 friends! (5th grade only)Ethan Battles

HB     Gift card to Water Street Bookstore from Ms. Burnham!Mabel Ingraham

NM    Ms. Mason will come read to you class!Sydney Merrow

SS     30 minute gym session with Mr. Swiez! (2 winners)Conor & Kingston

MP    Soap and a bath bomb from Ms. Patten!Hayden Gullage

CC    Lunch with Ms. Clifford!Corbin K.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Teacher/Staff Raffle! Winners for each of the prizes are listed above. As mentioned in the booklet, students were able to win one prize only. Teachers will reach out to winners within the next week to coordinate prize redemption.

The PTO will work with teachers to get  prizes claimed.

Thank you to all of the teachers and staff who offered such a wonderful assortment of activities, events and prizes!