Box Tops for Education


Box tops have been a wonderful way for families to raise money for our schools. Since we started with the program, we have raised close to $47,000! That is A LOT of box tops!!

Box tops is making the process even easier. Now, with the help of a mobile app, all you need to do is scan your receipt within 14 days of purchase and your earnings will be automatically updated online.

Click here to find out more information on the new program.

The traditional box tops are being phased out of production, but this will take time. We will still collect all your clipped box tops in the collection boxes at the schools as we have in the past.

Download the app today!

A Note from the PTO – Box Top Change

Please check your Box Top App. We have made some changes and combined the two accounts.

  • Please be sure that you are using the Exeter Elementary Account.

Remember to keep clipping the box tops that can be clipped and send them into the schools. Please be sure to put a few bits of important information on the envelope or bag that your box tops are in:

  • Child’s name

  • Teacher’s name

  • Grade

  • # of box tops

No donation is too small! Please put them in the collection box outside the offices or send them in your child's backpack. Thank you.