Textile Bins

We have partnered with Ecosmith Recyclers, Inc. to collect new and used clothing, shoes, and other household textiles. The Exeter Elementary bins are located in the Lincoln Street School parking lot. Bring your used clothing, paired shoes, sheets, blankets, and stuffed animals. Please add them to the bins clean, dry, bagged and tied closed. For a complete list of items that can be donated, please click here. Last year we earned over $4,500!

Please do not leave any non-textile items outside of the bins. Doing so results in a littering issue, we have no way of managing unwanted items.

What happens to the items I donate?

In order to create the least amount of waste possible, Ecosmith works with groups who live in areas who see both summer and winter seasons. After collecting and packing donated goods, they then arrange to have them shipped to various groups who sort what they receive with the goal of placing each item back into circulation.

What happens to items that cannot be worn or used?

While the vast majority of what Ecosmith receives can still be used for its manufactured purpose, they do receive a small percentage of items that cannot. For those items, the groups with whom Ecosmith works sort them into categories of items that can be repaired, items that can be used in manufacturing and industrial purposes, and items that can be milled into fibers for things like soundproofing and insulation.